Managing complex change

I am in a situation right now where change is inevitable, it is just a matter of how to manage it. I keep referring back to the matrix on managing chance. (from Knoster T, Villa R, & Thousand J. (2000). A Framework for Thinking about Systems Change. In R. Villa & J. Thousand) I had been looking at it from the point of view of the big picture; do we have everything from the top row in place that will allow change to happen.


As always there are some people that find change difficult. While pondering on one particular situation I realised that the last column, the one that shows the outcomes when any particular aspect is missing, could be use to work backwards and figure out why individual people are struggling with change.

I knew that one person was very resistant to change. Rather than just push that person to join in the change, I looked back though the matrix and realised that maybe they didn’t have the incentive to change. I also knew that this person was confused by some of the changes and realised that maybe this person either lacked vision, or had different visions to the rest of the team.

I now have a frame work that can allow me to support individual people though a system change by looking at how they are reacting to it and making sure that they get the support they need so that the whole team can put their energies into moving forward.

Rather than looking at the system as a whole, sometimes we can use the same tools work with individuals.


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